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As with so many of our top quality products, their unsurpassed excellence can in part be attributed to the rigorous selection of only the highest quality raw materials. This tradition of excellence began in 1866 when Her Majesty Queen Victoria gave orders that Winsor & Newton, holders of the Royal Warrant, be commanded to produce brushes of the highest quality in her favourite size; No. 7.

The brushes were to be made from the very finest Kolinsky Sable hair, the handles were to be ivory, and the ferrules to be sterling silver. Subsequently these superior fine Sables were supplied to other connoisseurs, albeit with ebony handles and less lavish ferrules. Designating then Series 7 preserved a link with the original supply to the Royal Household.

It is this concern for quality, which has established Series 7 as absolutely unrivalled amongst Sable brushes, with a long-establlished world-wide reputation for excellence, which we jealously guard by unremitting care to every detail. Series 7 Sables are still costly - they could not be otherwise, but if your work demands the best, if you appreciate long life and incomparable service throughtout, the purchase is an investment, which will prove to be a long term economy.

Manufactured from only the finest taper dressed, pure Kolinsky Sable hair, in rust-proof seamless nickle plated ferrules with black polished handles.

  • Item: No. 000 RRP 8.90
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  • Price: £8.00
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  • Price: £8.48
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  • Price: £10.16
  • Item: No. 3 RRP 17.60
  • Price: £14.08
  • Item: No. 4 RRP 27.80
  • Price: £22.24
  • Item: No. 5 RRP 36.70
  • Price: £29.36
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  • Price: £38.16
  • Item: No. 7 RRP 74.20
  • Price: £59.36
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