Welcome to the 2015 Gift Guide : Part One Easels and Watercolour Sets

Here is just a selection of our suggestions for Christmas gifts this year: there are many more in the shop.  We also do Gift Tokens to any value required, and can take payment on the phone or via Paypal and post them direct to the recipient .


Easels make an ideal gift for artists, beginner or experienced.

Table top easels

Easel Tay

Tay table easel for all media £24

Easel Eden

Eden H frame table easel for oil and  acrylic painting.  Also available a similar easel with Graduate Oil or Acrylic paints and accesories at £32.

Easel Medway

Medway/Edinburgh box easel suitable for all media £24

Easel Arun

Arun table easel with drawer. Suitable for all media £55

Free standing easels: portable

Easel Dart

Dart sketching easel £24  Rowney St Pauls sketching easel with bag £28 Suitable for all media.

Easel Severn

Severn sketching easel suitable for all media, with built in carrying handle £60

Easel Windrush

Windrush sketch box easel, suitable all media and can be used table top or free standing £112.50 or Reeves version £90

Studio/indoor easels

Easel Mersey

Mersey A Frame easel, suitable for oil, acrylic and drawing £96

Easel Shannon

Shannon H Frame easel, suitable for oil, acrylic, drawing £134.50

Easel Thames

Thames Radial Easel, suitable for oil, acrylic and drawing and can take large work £95


Watercolour sets

Cotman pocket

Cotman Pocket Box, 12 colours plus brush £9.95

Cotman small wooden boxWooden Cotman small

Cotman small wooden box set  £19.95

Wooden cotman lgeCotman large wooden box

Cotman large wooden box set £29.95

Cotman easel set

Cotman easel box set £39.95

Watercolour hw box

Professional Artists watercolour enamelled box with 12 Whole Pans £96

Gift CollectionGift Collection 2

Professional Watercolour Gift Set with tubes, sticks, half pans and markers £59.95

Bamboo box 211547_300x300Bamboo box 3Bamboo box

Professional  Watercolour Bamboo box sets in either tubes or half pans plus brushes and accessories £60



Marker wallet

Watercolour marker wallet with 24 Professional colours £49.95

Mediums wcol set

Watercolour mediums set in wallet £10

Series 7 setSeries 7 set 2

Series 7 brush set, the ultimate brush for the watercolourist in 2 versions: 4 rounds or 2 rounds and a flat in presentation box £39.95 each


to be continued . . .